Enjoying A Relaxing Massage While Staying In Chiang Mai

Many tourists who visit Thailand will head to a beach resort and enjoy a holiday in the tropical sun, but the north of the country also has plenty to offer visitors. Wherever you go in Thailand, you are not far away from a massage parlour, and Chiang Mai is no different. When you visit the north and fancy a massage, Chiang Mai has plenty of options to help you relax. Below are some of the various massages you can enjoy when visiting the north of Thailand that will help you relax and have a fantastic time.

A Foot Massage

Wherever you go in Thailand, you will see plenty of people getting a foot massage, tourists, and locals alike. It is an excellent way to help you relax after a busy day sightseeing, and it will help relieve tension in your feet and legs and relax. Every place that offers massages will have this option, which is usually the cheapest massage you can get.

A Traditional Thai Massage

If you are brave, you can consider experiencing a traditional Thai massage, which can be painful if you are not used to it. The masseuse will use the traditional Thai techniques, which are heavily influenced by Indian and Chinese medicines, and work out the kinks throughout your body. It is something that every visitor to Thailand should experience, and it will usually last for around one hour.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

When looking for a gentler experience, you may want to consider trying an aromatherapy oil massage, which is also widely available throughout Chiang Mai and the rest of Thailand. The masseuse will use aromatic essential oils while giving you a full body massage, leaving you feeling relaxed, content, and ready to continue exploring Chiang Mai.

Aromatic Hot Stone Massage

You can also consider trying an aromatic hot stone massage, which places hot stones in strategic locations of your body, and hot oil is also used. It uses the traditional reflexology points in your body to relax your muscles, relieve tension and can help promote your circulation. It is another type of massage you will want to try before heading home and can help you cope with many medical conditions.

Four hands Thai massage

A four hands Thai massage will have you enjoy a relaxing massage with two masseuses, so you will have four hands working your tired muscles. The massage utilises pressure points in the body and gentle stretching to help you relax. Many people who experience this massage prefer it to a traditional Thai massage, which is their favourite option when looking for a relaxing massage.

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