Five Advantages Of Using A Train Ticket Booking App

Some online platforms have an official partnership with IRCTC to help users book train tickets. It increases the chances of getting confirmed IRCTC train tickets with the same train alternates and the prediction feature. An online train app is a one-stop platform for booking tickets with many other features like a full refund on cancellation, checking PNR status, and confirmation notification.

Features Of A Train Ticket Booking App:

  • We get confirmed train tickets with our accurate waitlist prediction before booking the ticket.
  • These platforms provide us a full refund on IRCTC ticket cancellation by opting for their free cancellation feature. We also receive instant SMS notifications for all bookings or cancellations.
  • We always get dedicated customer support for any IRCTC train inquiry and booking-related queries.
  • An online train ticket booking app has some exclusive features for helping us increase the chances of getting confirmed tickets.
  • We can also use their multimodal alternates feature that usually combines train and train or bus and train to give us a confirmed ticket to travel.
  • These ticket booking apps are the one-stop platforms for easily tracking seat availability for IRCTC trains by date and location.
  • We can book our tickets instantly and also track where is my train by using these online platforms.
  • It helps us quickly recover any forgotten IRCTC account or register with a new user ID. Therefore, we can easily reset the IRCTC password in the app.

Advantages Of Using An Online Train Ticket Booking Platform:

  1. With the help of the Vikalp scheme available on the app, we can quickly get a confirmed berth in alternate trains to waitlisted passengers. These travel apps support general quota, Ladies, Tatkal, and Sr. Citizen quotas, and provide a boarding point change facility.
  2. We can use any payment methods like BHIM, UPI, Net Banking, Credit cards, and Debit cards for current reservation train ticket booking. It keeps us informed about PNR status changes through notifications. We can also see Waitlist trends for some specific trains.
  3. It helps us predict PNR status confirmations for waitlist tickets before chart preparations. Therefore, we can make a well-informed decision about our journey through the analysis. It enables us to view all the automatically saved train timings and schedules. We also check the live running train status in offline mode with the help of these apps.
  4. They provide a live GPS tracking facility to check train delays, current location, and expected arrival time. We can use online or offline mode to get quick updates about the train coach position.
  5. The platform’s easy-to-use interface makes the ticket booking process simple, intelligent, and intuitive. It always gives access to the trip manager to automatically fetch PNR details from our SMS to make trip management hassle-free.

A train ticket booking app has the Indian Railways timetable offline. It has a unique feature that allows us to use train source and destination or partial train names even with spelling errors. It shows us platform numbers for boarding and intermediate stations wherever available. Most of the apps are very battery efficient and data use as key features like finding train locations and schedules can work without internet or GPS. The app size is relatively small despite having a lot of information on the app.

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