Planning A Fantastic Family Vacation In Beautiful Phuket

The internet is an excellent tool for exploring different destinations throughout the world, and you can use it to plan and book a fantastic holiday for yourself and your family. There is no need to go to a travel agent and pay over the odds for your holiday when you can book everything directly. If you want to take your family to visit Phuket in Thailand, below are some tips to help you get started and ensure you have a fantastic time when you go on holiday.

Decide What You Want To See & Do First

Before you start looking for accommodation in Phuket, you will want to decide what you and the family will do while you are there. You can look online at all the various things you can see and do while in Phuket and make a list, such as visiting an ethical elephant sanctuary in Phuket. Once you have your activities planned, you can then look at hotels in the most convenient location, so you have less distance to travel.

Choosing Your Hotel Or Resort

Once you know the area of Phuket you want to stay in, you can start looking at the hotels and resorts in that area, and there will most likely be plenty of available options. You will need to consider the facilities you and your family want, such as:

  • Adjoining Rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kids Club
  • Gym
  • Restaurant
  • Concierge Service

Decide what is vital for you and your family to have a fantastic stay and look for suitable hotels. You may also want to look at some 5-star options, which you will find are much more affordable than in your home country. You can have a couple of weeks in relative luxury when you stay in Phuket, which will go a long way in ensuring you and your family have an excellent holiday.

Choosing When To Go

You will also need to choose when you want to visit Phuket in the year, so you will need to know the different seasons. The most popular time for tourists is during the cooler months from November to the end of February, when the weather is nice, and most tourists visit. You may also want to go during the Thai summer so you can enjoy the New Year celebrations of Songkran in April, and the summer runs from March to the end of May. However, if you are looking for the lowest prices, you will want to visit during the rainy season from June to October. Although it may rain most days, the weather is still warm, and you can get an excellent tan. You should not be able to book your holiday and start counting the days till you arrive in beautiful Phuket to have a fabulous family holiday in the Land of Smiles.

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