Selecting A Hotel & Boarding Facility For Your Pet: Things That Matter!

As much as you would want to travel with your pet, it is often not viable or practically possible. It can be heartbreaking to leave your munchkin behind, but with a good hotel & boarding service, you can be at ease, at the least. The good news is there are many boarding facilities available for pets these days, no matter whether you have an exotic bird or a regular cat. If you are looking for rabbit hotel and boarding in Phoenix & Tempe, we have a few tips below that may come in handy.

Check the basics

Most pet boarding facilities may require an advance booking, and we recommend that you consider the same, especially if you are traveling around holidays or weekends. Last minute bookings may mean compromising on the kennel or area for the pet, and you may have to shell a lot more. Not all pet boarding services accept all kinds of animals, so do your homework. Keeping certain sensitive pets, like a rabbit or hedgehog, may require extra care, and you must find a facility that’s experienced enough. Check the requirements for pet boarding in advance, but your pet’s vaccination records must be updated, and a copy of that must be submitted.

Find more on food and stay

Many pet boarding services encourage pet owners to bring food, bed or whatever things the pet may require, while others are strict with these aspects. If your pet is sensitive to weather and indoor environment, you can also ask questions related to heating & cooling systems. Supervision is another aspect that must be considered. You want to be sure that the pet boarding facility has people around 24×7 to take care of your pet. It is also quite possible for your pet to fall ill in a new place, so make sure that the concerned service can arrange for veterinarian if required, at any time of the day. Check the pickup and drop off timings, because many boarding services have strict norms, because they don’t want to disrupt other pets.

Finally, if you have any concerns or want to know more about a pet boarding service, just go for a personal visit. You can have a fair idea of the ambience and overall experience of the facility and can also ask relevant questions in person. Check the rates and other details too, and do ask for references, if required.

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