Skip The Hotel: Book Your Own Apartment Hotel In Copenhagen!

Denmark is known for its castles, history, culture, and also for being one of the happiest countries in the entire world. The capital – Copenhagen – has a charm that’s very unique, even by the standards of Scandinavia. There is so much to explore in the city that you will be spoilt for choices. From the famed Rosenborg Castle and historic Nyhavn waterfront area, to food tasting at Papiroen (Paper Island) and a trip to the iconic Tivoli Gardens and Bakken Amusement Park, there are endless things on the list. In fact, most travelers end up spending as long as a week exploring the Danish capital alone. That said, you should be careful about your stay options, and instead of a hotel, you can check for apartment hotels in Copenhagen, which are quite popular.

Are serviced apartments expensive?

If you compare the cost of a serviced apartment in Copenhagen with a hotel, yes, it is expensive, but considering the whole range of benefits that you get, the price is worth paying. Some of the best rented homes and apartments can be found in Østerbro, which is Copenhagen East. Properties here have been developed and designed by the top firms in the city, and it is more like renting a home away from your home. If you consider the area you get in a hotel room with that of a serviced apartment, the difference is huge?

Why choose apartment hotels in Copenhagen?

Well, many people just like the idea of having a home to themselves. Apartments and serviced properties in Copenhagen have fully functional kitchens and a lot of other things, so you can expect to have the comfort you need. This is an ideal choice for honeymooners, and some properties in Copenhagen East are huge with a sea view. To add to that, when you are traveling in a group, it makes sense to rent a penthouse rather than five different rooms at a hotel. Business travelers also love Copenhagen serviced homes and apartments for the same reason. They can share a rental space and save money without losing on privacy or comfort.

If you want to book one of these properties in Copenhagen, we strongly recommend that you check in advance and find all the details. The good news is you can pay beforehand and have the apartment that you like, which can also entail discounts with early bookings. Check online for options now!

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