Whale Watching with Kids – How to Manage Motion Sickness

So, you have decided to book a whale watching excursion on the open seas, but you are worried about your child’s seasickness. You know they would love to meet the whales and they would relish a trip on a boat, but they often suffer from motion sickness. Instead of forgetting about the entire experience, why not use some of the tips mentioned below?

Light Snacks

If your child is adamant that they want to go on a whale watching trip despite their motion sickness, you can take steps to ensure they enjoy the experience without throwing up every few minutes. Before you book whale watching in Eden, make sure you prepare a light snack that they can eat about 2-3 hours before you leave the dock. If they get hungry while out at sea, make sure to pack protein-filled snacks.

The goal is to keep them happy with filling their tummy with too much food.

Fresh Air

One of the best things about bringing a child on a whale watching trip when they suffer from motion sickness is the fresh air. Although you cannot stop the motion from the ocean, you can offer them clean, fresh air. This is a lot more difficult when travelling by train or by airplane. Get out on the deck when they feel nauseous and tell them to breathe in the sea breeze.


Remember to bring motion sickness medication if you know your child is going to suffer while out at sea. Even if they do not, it is better to come prepared as you never know who might need it.

Weather Conditions

Another important factor to consider is the conditions on the day you are set to sail. Have a look at the weather forecast and choose a time when the sea is at ease. If the weather takes a dramatic turn just before you board, you can always cancel the trip for another day.

Position on the Boat

When your child feels a bit queasy on the boat, make sure they keep their eyes on the horizon and face in the direction the boat is travelling.

Many children suffer from motion sickness and it is something most of them get over as they age. Although it is not a nice experience, it should not stop your little one’s from travelling and enjoying activities like whale watching. You should also ask the crew as they have plenty of experience with seasickness.

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