Planning The Perfect Destination Wedding In Phuket

Many couples, when planning their wedding, dream of a destination wedding on a beach in a tropical climate, and an increasing number of people are choosing this option when getting married. Thailand is a popular destination for many couples, and there is plenty to offer regardless of your taste or budget. When looking at Thailand wedding packages, Phuket has some of the best options available, and you can have your dream wedding in beautiful Phuket at a price you can afford. Below are some things you will need to consider that can help you plan your dream tropical wedding and ensure it matches your expectations.

Choosing The Best Month For Your Wedding

The cheapest time to have a wedding in Phuket is during the rainy season, which runs from June to the end of October. Although it can rain most days towards the end of the rainy season, it is still warm and sunny and does not rain all day. If you do not want to take the chance that your wedding will get washed out, you will need to plan it for the cooler season running from November to February, which is also the most expensive time to visit.

Your Dream Wedding Dress

You may also need to reign in your wedding dress dreams, as many brides want a traditional wedding dress that is unsuitable for a tropical climate. Although you can wear one if you wish, it will most likely mean you are uncomfortable for most of the day and do not enjoy it as much as you should. Select a simple wedding  dress suitable for a tropical climate that has fewer layers, and you will be much more comfortable for the duration of your wedding.

The Guest List

You will also need to decide who you will invite to your wedding, and you need to give them lots of advanced notice so they can start saving to enjoy your special day. It is unlikely that all your friends and family can attend your wedding, so you need to keep this in mind when planning it in an overseas destination.

The Perfect Wedding Package For Your Big Day

There are countless hotels and resorts offering wedding packages throughout Phuket, so you will need to compare them to find the best one for you. You will need to compare the prices and what each offers and select the one that will help make your wedding day one that you will never forget.

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