Some Of The Best Animal Attractions That Are Not Far From Pattaya

If you are heading to Pattaya on holiday with your family and looking for some family-friendly animal attractions to explore, there are several options you can consider. You can see some of the native animals to Thailand and other exotic species, and ensure you make some beautiful memories that you and your family will never forget. Below are some of the best animal attractions close to Pattaya that you and your family will undoubtedly enjoy.

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

No trip to Thailand is complete without seeing the native elephants, which are beautiful and majestic animals. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is a short drive away from Pattaya city, and they have various options you can choose from, including:

  • Morning Visits
  • Afternoon Visits
  • Feed Me Program
  • Feed & Shower Program

As you can tell by the excellent Pattaya elephant village reviews, the elephants are well taken care of, so it will be a memorable experience whichever program you choose.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

The Khao Kheow Open Zoo is less than a one-hour drive from Pattaya, and it is popular with tourists and locals alike. They have a wide selection of animals you can see, and you can ride around in your vehicle, or you can ride the tram tour. The zoo has over 8000 animals living in the zoo covering more than 300 species, so there is plenty to see when you visit. They also offer a night safari that you can join, which allows you to try spotting some of the active nocturnal animals. There is also the Flight of the Gibbon attraction, a canopy zipline adventure, and one of the largest such attractions globally.

Underwater World Pattaya

If the weather is scorching and you want to try and stay out of the sun, you can plan a visit to Underwater World Pattaya, which is a massive, air-conditioned aquarium. They boast an impressive variety of wildlife with over 5000 species, including corals and 500 from the surrounding Thai waters. It is not far from the city centre and on the way to Jomtien, and it is an excellent way to spend three or four hours with the family and get yourselves out of the hot sun. There are many learning exhibits in English, making it an educational trip and an enjoyable adventure. You can find out more information about this attraction by visiting the Trip Advisor website, where you can also book your tickets.

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